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Wakes and Waking Sings

Exhibition opening March 10, 2016, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany.


Du/e Corps/e nella Groundless Ground

Du corps, translated, is “of the body”.  Du corps becomes due corpse through the addition of that small, most common letter and thus slips towards death.

This body of work explores this slippage, a slippage based in language, where much of the work is rooted.  Each of the pieces grows out of a textual foundation, though in many of them the vestiges of language are gone, and the works are languageless.  This is one of the most profound effects of deep reading; the words escape themselves and become other: a room, a sensation, a memory of something that never existed.  The relationship between bodies and language is a troubled one, and these works revel in that trouble.  There is an edge to our knowing; the most interesting things happen when we attempt to transgress this boundary.  Myths live here, stories, transformational magics.  The works attempt, in very different ways, to be the guide to this unknown territory.

Most documentation images of the show were taken by Isaac Cheng; the rest were taken by the artist.
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akin to lista; from lystan akin to lust; from hlysnan
The Voice of the Sibyl
Miss Havisham at Home
The Said Woman (archive version)
3 Untitled Images
2 Objects from the series From This Skin

The Said Woman (internet version)

Garment Worker

Living English