February 22nd. Second Session.

In which the head honcho Inquisitor avoids getting involved.  In which we learn that the said woman followed gender and religious protocol as a girl: spinning, weaving, not tending the animals, confessing.  In which her voices make their first appearance, in the story of her becoming a soldier.

In which she refuses.  Which she refuses.  She refuses.

I swore yesterday; that should be quite enough.  You overburden me.

You may well ask me such things, that to some I shall answer truly, and to others I shall not.  If you were well informed about me, you would wish me out of your hands.  I have done nothing except by revelation.

Pass on to the next question.

Spare me that.  Continue.

I will not tell you.  It is not now the time to tell you; but send to the king and he will tell you.

Pass on.

By my count, 4 local men of power have joined the fray, driving the number of learned men in the room up to 47. The said woman’s age is about 19, though she isn’t sure.